Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Beauty Tips

Gumamela and Rose flowers:

Question: How to maintained the skin always be beautiful.

Answer: Take juice of gumamela and rose daily.

The flowers of gumamela and rose mix boiled into 5 glass of water in 1 minute. Drink daily to protect the skin always be beautiful.The rose and gumamela flowers very amazing utilize and gifted for our skin always be beautiful.The gumamela jam is delicious like strawberry jam and gumamela is Antioxidant. Rose gifted of vitamin c.Protects against the harmful effects of free radicals (an antioxidant)
Assists in the formation of collagen, which is important for the health of blood vessels and gums, development of bones and teeth, and wound healing
Helps resist infection, preventing and treating the common cold
Has been found to decrease risk of cancer, heart disease, cataracts, and other diseases

Monday, December 7, 2009

About Falling Hair

The one problems of men today have become bald.

Question-what the bottom to not be bald.

Answer- Moisturizes and Protects
a. Green Tea Formula
b. Vitamin Enriched
c. Quick Drying Gel

This long lasting formula blends green tea extract with herbal moisturizers that adds extra
moisture to your head to help slow down the drying out of the skin from the sun.
Bald guys contains special sweat-resistant properties. This quick drying gel is enriched
with vitamins, antioxidants and soothing herbs to provide moisture and help protect your
Aloe Vera treats your scalp by promoting growth of new hair within your scalp.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Power Yohimbe plant

Yohimbe herbs

Scientific name
Family: Rubiaceae.

Pausinystalia yohimbe,
synonyms Pausinystalia johimbe,
Corynanthe johimbi,
Corynanthe yohimbi.

Yohimbe is also used for general sexual dysfunction in men and women, yohimbe is used as an
aphrodisiac, for impotence, exhaustion, angina, hypertension, diabetic neuropathy, and
postural hypotension. Yohimbe bark has traditionally been used in Africa as an aphrodisiac
to increase sexual desire.
The herb is currently used for sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction in men.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Amazing Seeds


If use miracle seeds like flaxseeds very amazing herbs no alternative medicine compared these
amazing and strange herbs. Sickness cured the flaxseeds like much acid in
stomach,asthma,cold in urine,catarrh,diabetes,diarrhea,dysmenorrhea,stomach pain,intestine
pain,kidney problem,feeling dizzy,metabolism problem,sour stomach,phlegm,lever
problem,almoranas,fat,thick, cough, tuberculosis,urine tube pain and etc.All of these
illnesses are cure.The drug has been used since 5 BC-known known that the people used it to
given big solution in all problem about illness.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Red Clover

Trifolium pratense
Vida Odorata L.

The odd of red clover is good herbal of cough, boil of clover is need to apply several honey bee to be sweet, To heal the cold, cataract, provide good breath, tuberculosis, lungs problem, almost all disease is treated by red clover.
The 8grams of flower applying a hot of water, adult drink 3 glass
everyday and children drink 1 or 2 spoon every two hours.
The 15grams of roots boil one liter of water very effective cleansing of stomach, Drink 3
times a day.Safety and effectiveness have always been proven.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heart Attack

King of Bitters (Andrographis paniculata)
Other name: Sinta, Mirabilos, chuan xin lian.

The odd power of Andrographis paniculata,Not now using these alternative medicine,
Even in 1919 will confirm that this drug is unique and strange for his power to cure various
diseases. The largest contributions of Andrographis paniculata known in india and sri lanka
and the power of this herbs has proven to whole world.
The largest positive cure results can be seen in relation to stomach, skin diseases,
diarrhea, prostate and breast cancer cells,fever,atherosclerosis,bacterial.They say, you
know the type of disease before the remedies given of Andrographis paniculata.Like heart
attack,viral diseases. The amazing power of herbs is the biggest potential cure of any kind
of illness etc.

The province of leyte Andrographis paniculata has known very effective alternative medicine
and very simple how to used this herbs.
The three leaves of Andrographis paniculata put in a glass with hot water after one minute
cool and drink.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Solidify Biliary

Mais: Corn
other name: Zea mays..

The new era corn, we can say that now the most important use of corn for our lifestyle.
There is diabetic, kidney problems, high blood, gall bladder problem,solidify biliary and
hepatitis decoction 2 grasp hairs ob corn in one liter of water and drink every thirst or
what you like needing.There are many variety of corn but all this is good alternative
medicine for today.

Corn high vitamin A, source of vitamin B1, B5, C, E, folic acid, magnesium and phosphorus.
research findings on the health benefits of eating corn,calcium, potassium, protein and
fats.The strange of corn is biggest benefits to our healthy balance, Although not all the
people like this food but use the herbs, cure illness.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Pogostemon cablin:

Other name: Kabling, patchouli.

Part use and Folkloric:

Leaves, flowering spikes, roots.

What kind of illness cure this herbs:

For: gastritis, urine problem, unhealthy body. Fresh leaves or dried plant boil cool and
drink. If the urine problem not cure stop drink this herbs and change leaves of banaba.
For: Rheumatism before apply the leaves of Pogostemon cablin, massage first and 5 leaves of
pogostemon leaves heat directly over open fire, one at a time.
Apply directly while still hot the massage area.

Pogostemon cablin many uses these herbs especially sensual fragrance, used as a balancing
oil and is helpful in skincare, particularly for the mature skin. Pogostemon oil may also
used to treat athlete's foot, eczema, fatigue, frigidity, hair care, stress, and is an
effective insect repellent.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Protect the Skin

Anti Bacteria

The most confidence in providing comfort to the skin of each filipino, since more discovered
effective use of equipment of herbs especially in diseases of the skin or skin disease,known
drugs and effective remedies as abocado, acasia, garlic, abutra, balsam apple, guava,
citrus, radish, gardenia,sweetflag,tamarind, sappan, centenlla asiatica, purslane. all of this herbs as known very effective and restore your good skin. The sappan bark good wash of skin wound.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Arcangelisia Flava

Abutra: ( arcangelisia flava )

The girl testify about arcangelisia flava herbs very effective to diabetes day she going to the doctor and check up the blood sugar level,after the result she was shock because the sugar level is high almost reached 250 count blood sugar level. And now Fe Jovita is happy because the sugar level is dropped for abutra herbs.
Since then, the disease diabetes has not been recognized that disease, now almost everybody
is afraid of this disease from getting worse because when it is death and many parts of the
body affected in this disease such as eye,shakiness,dizziness,sweating,hunger,Headache,Pale
skin color,Sudden moodiness or behavior changes, such as crying for no apparent
reason,Clumsy or jerky movements,Seizure,difficulty paying attention, or confusion,Tingling
sensations around the mouth.body weakness.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Super Herbs

Bero " watercress "

From the earliest time watercress known as alternative medicine and source plenty of
vitamin, Eat more salad with watercress, the juice of watercress it is good alternative medicine against various diseases such as skin, gall stone, paled,heart problems,Rheumatism, lever problem, kidney disease, lung disease, gout, gland problem, tumor,intestinal and lung
,larynx problem, eye problem.Should wash well and salt to eliminate the bacteria,The watercress herbs is good for diabetic, Using according to expert, watercress juice drink
good alternative medicine , pregnant can't use it.which comes from the nasturtium officinale
plant, a relative of mustard greens and garden cress and not what is typically thought of as
a nasturtium flower, is available in both cut and sifted and powdered wild-crafted forms.
Common names for watercress include Water rocket, Water radish and Hedge mustard. Our
Watercress Herb is also certified kosher. The fresh form of watercress herb is what you will
find in your grocery store in the produce section, and is commonly used on sandwiches and in
salads. When taken in a dried form, however, it offers several benefits.
Mustard oil glycosides, vitamins (A, B3, C, and E), and minerals (calcium, copper, iodine,
iron, magnesium, and phosphorous In all minerals must be needed the human body.
The safety of watercress during pregnancy and for children under 4 has not been established.
Do not use watercress if you have peptic or duodenal ulcers or if you have nephritis.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sun flower Benefits

Mirasol: ( Helianthus annus )
Other name:Sun flower.

The sun flowers benefits as incredible in other herbs.
The sun flower has provided good vitamin, Source of vitamin B,Protein,Naicin,Phosphorus,Iron
and Fat. The sweet oil of sun flower as good for massage benefits to relaxing body pain and
super natural herbs.
Good for Bronchitis,cough,urinary problem.Some leaves and seeds of sunflower boil 3 glass a water and
drink 3 times a day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bath with Herbal

The ideal technique a kind of bath are good solution to prevent or curative a kind of illnesses. The use of herbal about bath is big factor to restore health good condition.
Many drugs used in the bath activity, Such as chamomile, eyukaliptos, agoho leaves or pine
tree, the quantity of drugs 200 up to 1000 grams.
Use amargon or dandeliyon some just met this medicine.
it help or curative in many diseases, Like the gall bladder, nervous, The bad liquid inside the body
is able to release. Decoction the drug volume is 300 to 500 grams whole body bath.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Scientific name: Coleus amboinicus
Other name: klabu, suganda, oregano.

The oregano as folkloric herbs many countries used this plants for medicinal purposes and
recipes information about cooking.
Ancient Greeks used oregano herbs as an antidote and it was used by Ancient Egyptian
herbalists for medicinal purposes as well.Oregano is an important culinary herb. It is
particularly widely used in Turkish, Greek, Spanish and in Italian cuisine. It is the leaves
that are used in alternative medicine.
For: Gastritis, cough,head ache, decoction trunks and leaves and drink 3 times a day.



Remedies for the treatment claims in different countries of Asian ginseng are numerous
including the use of the herb to support his ability to recovery of health.
Traditional and modern uses of ginseng include:
Improving the health of people recovering from illness
1 Increasing a sense of well-being and stamina, and improving both mental and physical
2 Treating erectile dysfunction, hepatitis C, and symptoms related to menopause
3 Lowering blood glucose and controlling blood pressure
and the important this ginseng is boost immune system.

How It Is Used

The root of Asian ginseng contains active chemical components called ginsenosides (or
panaxosides) that are thought to be responsible for the herb's medicinal properties. The
fresh root put into the battle mix the wine use spoon and drink three times a day, As well
as creams of ginseng or other preparations for external use.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Unique herbs

Eclipta Alba Herbs

In every season of flowering getting and make it dry before saving of flowers. At the time if you needed these herbs no problem because you always ready.
Eclipta alba herbs. The are called herbal all disease,The herbs is unique in other alternative medicine.
The eclipta alba herbs is the best alternative medicine to cure in any disease, Even skin infection, diarrhea and what else.

Part utilized: whole plant.

For hepatitis,lever infection, lever problem, gall bladder, purblind,vomiting blood, hip sickness and blood urination. 4 to 8 grasp of dried plants,boiled 3 glass of water and drink 3 times a day until to heal the pain.

Other idea to skin infection, boiled 4 to 8 grasp of plant in 1 glass of water and wash it the affected area. Even fresh leaves grind and put into affected area.

Friday, September 11, 2009



Coffee is one alternative remedies to depression

Preparation: Use coffea fruit dried and grind, If you
depression due to intoxication of wine or overdose into take medicine.
Drink 2 glass black of coffea with sugar.
Other medication: headache, asthma,bronchitis.If symptoms is attack drink 1 glass black coffee.
For the kidney disease, constant urination the same idea.

Don't use instant coffee.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chrysanthemum Sinence

Ispira Ultima ( chrysanthemum sinence )

Many country testimony as the chrysanthemum has a big benefit to people who are sick.
The chrysanthemum high level compared to other herbal medicines as remedies to oral
Part utilized: leaves,root or rhizome and flowers.
wash it and dried.
For: blood circulation, cough, cold, headache, eye pain, stomach pain, indigestion, fever, flu.
Almost 3 grasp of dried plant,put into glass with hot water and cover in 15 minutes,
drink three times a day.
The tea itself is nearly transparent but for the yellow and white buds or petals of the
Chrysanthemum floating in the glass. A sip of the tea by itself is an intriguing and
refreshing infusion of a slightly sweet and slightly bitter flavor.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Low Energy

Philippines is rich in alternative medicine. Before using the herbs as remedies to disease.
Even before the old people to used alternative drugs. And based on the happening or
experience is good to restore the former strength. So far especially useful low energy or physical condition. Vernonia cenerea very good as alternative medicine.

Vermonia Cenerea

Part utilized: entire plant

For: cough, fever, cold, jaundice, nervous and low energy.
The 10 plants of vermonia fresh or dry boil 3 glass of water and drink 3 times a day.

Vermonia cinerea is also a very good herbal treatment for furuncle. Dry it and grind it into
a fine powder. You would need to take one tablespoon and add to a cup of water; then boil it
and imbibe thrice daily after straining. You would be cured in a week.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Irritating Eyes

Bitaog ( calophyllum inophyllum )

Part utilized : leaves, bark, seeds and wood.

One day my friend is going to the bolo maker.He stop and say how to make bolo. Accidentally the shrapnel of iron pointed to the eyed of my friend and he ask for help. His eye was hurt. He run to our house and ask for help. I get the leaves of calophyllum and chop almost 1 kilo of leaves. I put the leaves into the tub with a lot of water and soak it to 4 hours.He blink his eyes into the tub. And after few hours he relieves his feeling of sickness.

If you have problem about eyes don't hesitate to the alternatives and remedies of medicine calophyllum or bitaog. Proving alternative medicine to irritating eyes and sore eyes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Execellent Herbs.

Bee propolis
Green tea
Tea tree
The three kinds of herbs very big factors to alternative medicine for a good and healthy body.
Three herbs combined as a superb natural ingredients to promote healthy gums and whiter
Tea tree:
Tea tree oil execellent good for as an anti-bacterial natural medicine.
Tea tree impressive natural cure, Also effective for genito-urinary tract infections.
Green tea:
The secret of green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols,powerful anti-oxidant and act as an
antibacterial agent when applied to skin infections.
Bee propolis:
Bee Propolis is the sticky resin-like substance found in the beehive. The bees gather resin
from trees and plants. They use this mixture to stick the hive together, and seal it. This
substance also protects them from bacteria and disease.
Propolis is dark in color, and is a rich source of minerals, amino acids, fats, trace
minerals and bioflavonoids.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aloe vera

Sabila( aloe barbadensis )

You knew that Aloe berbadensis will restore the former condition of the growth of the hair.
When a person get sick the hair will be affected and getting bald. The effective remedies
for this is the Aloe. Massage the head with aloe juice and wrap with cloth for the whole
night. Do this for one week.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guava Leaves

Leaves of Guava
Another tested and proving alternative medicine. About guava leaves for diarrhea, 5 grasp guava leaves boiled 3 glass of water until 2 glass of water remain and drink 3 times a day.

The guava fruit are full of vitamin C.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Emellia sonchiflolia

Sientific name: Emellia sonchiflolia
Other name:Pisaw-pisaw,Kapisaw,Apok-apok,Tagulinaw,Danggas.Habol-habol.
Treating infected wounds

Part utilized: Entire plant can be used, wash it and dried under the sun.
Many people use this herb and proves this plant is very effective for cold, fever, diarrhea, lips
infection, stomach pain, urine infection, 4 to 8 grasp of dried plants or fresh plants, boil
3 glass of water and drink 3 times a day.

For: Infected wounds, eczema, skin disease, The fresh plant grind and put the skin disease.

Very effective herbs.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anunang ( Cordia dichotoma )
Other name: Lamdag

Part utilized: bark, leaves,

For: Rotten wound the fresh leaves of cordia rub and put the affected area.

For: vertego,fever, hard cough,20 stick bark of cordia decoction 4 glass of water and drink

3 times a day.

For: multiplier milk of mam decoction of several root of cordia and cool drink every finish eating.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sweet Flag

Acorus Calamus, Sweetflag

Sweetflag contribute effective herbal, Even to ancient people, used as alternative
medicine, In other countries the sweetflag is important herbal medicine to digestive
system, bronchial asthma, amnesia, insomnia, heart palpitations, tinnitus, chronic
The sweetflag is helping to cure in different diseases,
My grandfather was testimony about sweetflag herbal. During the second world war two.
Sweetflag used as support alternative medicine.
Folkloric used:
For: stomach pain, rheumatism, fever, highblood, nervous, blood serculation, vertigo, body
ache and high fever. 2 or 3 tablespoon of pulverized rhizome boil 2 glass of water until
1 glass remaining water and drink one in 1 day.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Zizyphus jujube

Filipino term: Mansanitas , Aratilis

Scientific name:zizyphus jujuba

The zizyphus jujube is amazing alternative medicine to dysentery,diarrhea and stomach
Our neighbors have asked for help because with diarrhea, he asked me what is the treatment.I
told him to get 7 pcs shoot or young of zizyphus .Boiled 3 glass of water and drink every 4
hours.On the next day he came back to my house and he thanks me for my assistance.The
zizyphus herbs is amazing medication to diarrhea.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Felipino term:Gumamela
Scientific name:Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

The ten leaves of Gumamela or Hibiscus rosa is very effective to hard cough,
troublesome cough,Many people experience that herbs is good alternative medicine.So can big potential to cure the hard cough,troublesome cough,bronchitis.
Decoction: 10 leaves of gumamela in 3 glass of water and drink 3 times a day.

Ficus Hauli

Early time to heal the sick and maintain vigor of body.

The most important is to accept the truth, for a person who have and illness, you need to
treat the disease and according to many advertising on google research, regarding the alternative
medicine, some people who heal their illness, that we do not hesitate to have research
and we see which are good for us based on the need.

Scientific name:Ficus hauli
The three sprout of ficus hauli is good for the abdomenal pain,stomach pain.
It is very effective alternative medicine in the philippines,it is use in the mountain
people. Three sprout of ficus hauli put in glass and put hot water after 5 minutes drink
moderately.Ficus hauli is a good alternative medicine.Yesterday my stepchlid tried this
herbs and he told me it's very nice and effective. and he thanks me.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Treatments of Rheumatic Fever

The treatment for rheumatic fever includes antibiotics to treat the original strep
infection, supportive care, including bed rest, and anti-inflammatory medicines, such as
salicylates and steroids.
Rheumatic Fever is an inflammatory disease which may affect the:
1. Heart
2. joints
3. Brain
4. Skin

Parts can be used: Rhizomes,wash it,chop and make it dry Medication: One spoon of dried material, put on the glass with hot water, and covered it with in 15 minutes' drink 2 or 3 times a day. This could also be used in:

Rhizomes are bitter,Uric acid,anti-inflammatory,postpartum,depurative, anodyne, acrid, digestive, laxative,thermogenic , aphrodisiac, diuretic, febrifuge and tonic. It is used in dyspepsia, flatulence,colic, constipation and helminthiasis. It is useful in skin diseases, leprosy and psoriasis. It is used in insanity and neuralgia, epilepsy, fever. It is used syphilis, strangury, seminal weakness and general debility. Detoxifies organs, cleanses blood, aids absorption and kills bacteria. It also stimulates digestion, increases urination,blood circulation, protects liver and promotes perspiration.
The care and protection of our body is a step towards the success of our
purpose in life, so important to preserve the vigor of our body, more than wealth.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chronic Disease


Early time to heal the sick and maintain vigor of body.

The most important is to accept the truth, for a person who have and illness, you need to
treat the disease and according to many advertising on google research, regarding the alternative
medicine, some people who heal their illness, that we do not hesitate to have research
and we see which are good for us based on the need.

A broccoli food containing phytochemicals, broccoli helps to stimulate the production of enzymes to detoxify the body and act as a guard againts toxic chemicals,carcinogens, and mutagens-all known factors of chronic disease.Many food to helps in the human body,one of this, is broccoli..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Colon Hydrotherapy

Early time to heal the sick and maintain vigor of body.

The most important is to accept the truth, for a person who have and illness, you need to
treat the disease and according to many advertising on google research, regarding the alternative
medicine, some people who heal their illness, that we do not hesitate to have research
and we see which are good for us based on the need.

Those interested in performing a
colon cleanse (also referred to as colonic irrigation,
colon hydrotherapy and herbal cleansing) may go about it one of several ways. Taking herbal
supplements with laxative effects or over-the-counter laxatives may be considered a colon
cleanse. Self-administering an enema is another form. Finally, there are clinics where you
can go to have water flushed through your rectum and colon.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Healthy Skin

Royal Jelly
Nature’s Fountain of Youth
Effective in treating skin problems
Relaxes nerves and muscles...Full stories click here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Liver Infection

Pictures of plant medicines available for personal illness from probation Experience yore.
All drugs are from plants, roots, flowers, fruits, and above all also available in fish.
Great help to the poor without pay for medicine for a sick family.The medication is helpful
if at the time that we use. so we do not waste the gift of god for us.

Scientific name: Gardinia florida

Caution: if there is diabetic not to drink

For jaundice or liver infection or bile yellow-skinned, big fever, cough, unable to sleep,
kidney disease, dysentery
almost 2 or 3grasp of fruits..4 to 8grasp of roots, decoction 2 glass of water and drink 3 times a day.. For: vomiting blood,blood urine, 3 grasp of fruits mix 5 grasp of driedroots of imperata cylindrica, decoction in one letter of water and drink 3 times a day.. Gardinia florida antipyretic,sedative,antihemorrhagic,antifungal,antibacteria,anti-imflammatory and cleansing to gallbladder.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Squalene Health Care

Squalene promote health care.

Squalene is came from the liver of sharks that provide unique adventure medicine
One natural chemical from a liver of sharks, the liver it there since an oil called squalene,The squalene helps condition the body, especially providing energy to
more energetic and we actively the body. One part of your body have a weak,squalene promote good condition in your body. our bodies are made up of cells that form organs,such as our hearts and lungs,which, when
ground together form working systems to help us function.
healthier cells means healthier organ and system tjat help us become more productive and effective.

Friday, July 31, 2009

All kind of toxic

Citrus Fruit.

Citrus or orange known throughout the world that good fruits and very effective of various diseases, such as tuberculosis, cancer, injury, any disease caused by vaccine, any kind of fever, biliary disease, rheumatism, Helps lower cholesterol,Helps prevent diabetes Arthritis,High blood pressure kidney stone, all kind of toxic inside the stomach have out it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Healthy Skin Forever

Olive oil herbal soap to protect beauty and healthy skin forever.

Full stories click here

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hard cough

and Rosal
Blumea balsamifera.
Gardenia Flurida

Violeta's is friend with his illness and physical pain due to poor breathe hard advice to Violeta to take some root of Blumea balsamifera and Gardenia Flurida.and mix of 4grasp sage root, 4grasp of rosalroot boil 3 glass of water and drink 3 times a day.Violeta said: Thanks for information about very effective herbs and share to all the people God bless..

Monday, July 20, 2009

The secret of squalene

The secret of shark liver oil is alternative medicine.
Full stories: Click here

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yesterday i had bad condition, because i didn't eat on time ... I can not stand because I
feel dizzy.I made calliocarpa enrichlona, ficus hauli, guava roots,boiled three
glass of water and it drink three times a day,It is very effective

Monday, July 13, 2009

Prevent Colon Cancer

Many people with colon cancer experience no symptoms in the early stages of the disease. When symptoms appear, they'll likely vary, depending on the cancer's size and location in your large intestine.
But this problem about colon cancer are not difficult, because this problem is cure,
So all
the people no worried about this colon cancer,
The important is monitoring yourself and
good healthy condition.
I suggested to take this herbs every now then.To protect all the time in the health condition.


Dugtong Baging

Redvinetree is tested herbs in the Philippines. But not all herbs doctors are discovered this herbs. Rarely see elsewhere this herbs. How to use this herbs: Redvinetree chop into small species or slice of this herbs. And seven stick of this herbs, Decoction 3 glss of water and call drink 3 times a day. The herbs is good for Anti-cancer,Diabeties,athritis,low blood, appetizer,dysmenorrhea,fever,cough,kidney disorder, This herbs is effective and don't take this herbs if you are fregnant.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Broken bones treatment

Anyone have limited their personal use in topical application to wounds and abraded skin,
many doctors and herbalists prize comfrey physicians for treatment of broken bones, torn
cartilage, ligament damage, lung congestion and ulceration in the gastrointestinal size.
Full stories: click here..

Free Radicals

Full stories click here

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Prostate Cancer

Scientists have discovered that cruciferous vegetables - such as broccoli, cauliflower,

Full stories click here

Monday, July 6, 2009


I wanna share with them this herbs:

Huphalop Herbs:
My experience about this herbs,
One day my stomach suffering pain.

U T I. Urenary Problem

Scientific name:Tinospora rumphii
Filipino Terms:Makabuhay plant
On April, I vacation in Davao, My friend Ricardo there's a big problem, his urine does not
exit on his urethra glans
Ricardo go to hospital for examine, and said the doctor, sir! your problem is urinary tract
infection is a serious health problem, I advise you, because your problem is not easy, go to
the doctor specialist and he give the solutions to your problems ..Doctor specialist to give
solutions to your problems ..
But Ricardo returned to their home, because the instruction of his grandfather.He remembered
about makabuhay herbs,
Ricardo they got the vitalize herbs and slice three 1 / 4 the thickness
boil 3 glass of water in half minutes and drink 3 times a day.

In the next day of piss that many appear to crystal come on his urethra glans.
Ricardo proven the vitalize herbs is very effective.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Immune system

Smilax bracteata herbs:

The smilax bracteata here's in the philippines is good herbs.
The are two variety red and pinkies color of rhizome.

Base in my experience the two years drinks juice of smilax bracteata my health is good condition.
I take three times a day and very health condition. I proven this herbs is contribute strong high
immune system in my human body

Monday, June 29, 2009

Down of Sugar Level

Testimony about heart of banana.

The heart of banana is good for diabetic. My friend said, i go to my doctor and check up
my blood sugar level and i shock! because my sugar level is 700 count. I said my
self deadbol, and i worried on that time.

My doctor is give me a many medicines to protect my blood sugar level and not good result.

I suggested to my friend you take heart of banana and slice into 4 decoction to half gallon
of water in half hour, after that cool and drink 3 times a day.
After one week my friend back to my house and said. My friend my friend good result,Ah..!
what! good result my friend to drink a juice the heart banana very very effective that herbs,
my blood sugar level is down to 300 count, I'm very happy my friend ty my friend
everyday i drink juice a heart of banana my friend.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Health Alert

'Health Alert'

'Influenza AH1n1'

It is caused by a novel flu virus that resulted from the reasonment of 4 virus from pig,
human and birds.

=Mode of transmission: Exposure to droplets from the cough and sheeze of the infeded person.
It is not transmitted by eating throughly cooked pork.
Incubation period, 1-10 days.

Sign and symptoms in human.

Similar to the symptom of regular flu such as.

1.Fever 6.lack of appetite
2.Headache 7.runny nose
3.Fatigue 8.sorethroat
4.Muscle and joint pain 9.cough
5.diarhea 10.nause/vomiting


Practice cough equette/covering nose/mouth when coughing/ sheezing.
Proper hand washing with soap/ water for at least 20 second.

Avoid close contact with sick people 2 ( meters )
Increase your body resistance:

1. 8 hours sleep
2. excircise
3. manage stress
4.personal hygiene
5.drink plenty of water
6. eat balanced/nutritious foods.


1. monitor the arrival of person/ person from other places specially those coming from

abroad or countries with confirmed cases of A H1N1 virus.

2. List down the names of arrival, the person who come in contact with the new arrival.
3. Advised self quarantine for 10 days.
4. If flue like symptoms develop with in the 10 days observation period, provide personal
protective equipment ( PPEs) like mask/ immediately isolate the patient prior to this
immediate transport to the hospital ( EURMC ) Tacloban city.
5. Place the rest of the household under a 10 days home confinement.

REfeat the process:

6. Inform " RHP/CHO " for possible transport to the referral hospital.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Filipino Term: Pili

Scientific name:( canarium lozunicum )
Other name: Salumayag

Preparation:Part Utilize fresh pili nuts, the fresh nuts of canarium or rhizomes are use it.
The resin of canarium, dry or liquid are use also.

Part Uses: pili nuts, resin and root.
For: rheumatism, muscle pain, the one glass resin of canarium mix onehalf glass of oil and put into the battle and use it, apply liniment into the areas pain.

For: backpain, breastpain, take 2 leaves of awom and rub the oil of leaves and put when the areas has pain.

For: cold perspiration,stomach pain, Diarrhea,vomiting,backpain breastpain because of cough,
the dry resin of canarium put into the fire charcoal and the smoke of resin with patient cover the blanket for the smoke connot out.
The root of canarium decoction three glass of water with in ten minutes divide three and drink three times a day until the cure of illness.

Monday, June 15, 2009



Dundruff are scales of greasy keratotic material shed from this scalp.

Water Treatments:

1.Wash hair 2 times a week using gugo shampoo or commercial shampoo
for dry hair.
2.Comb and massage head very well after every shampoo.
3.Apply fresh coconut oil to the head and hair once a week,
One hour before shampoo. Massage the oil on the scalp. Leave oil for 10 minutes.
Better yet, leave it on overnight before shampoo.
4.As hair conditioner. put 1/2 cup vinegar into one gallon water and use this to rinse
hair after the shampoo.

Drugs Medications:

Scientific name: Curcuma domestica
Kilaw leaves:

1. Pound the rhizomes.
Rub or massage the juice on this scalp and hair.Leave it on overnight and shampoo
the next morning.

2.Gugo bark shampoo:

# Soak the gugo bark in a basin of cold water for 3 minutes before the shampoo.
Squeeze the juice in the water and put the juice of 3 calamansi.

# Wet hair very well and use this as shampoo. Rinse well.

Sabila leaves:

3. Extract juice from fresh leaves.
Apply juice liberally and massage the scalp 1 hour before the gugo shampoo.
Do this once a week for weeks.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


LOMBOY ( Syzygium cumini )
Other name :duhat,lumbuy

A. Product uses: Leaves, Seeds, Bark, Fruits

Uses :

1.The 40 pieces of young leaves ,boil into 3 glass of water, until half glass of water remain drink 30 minutes before meal for diabetic. 2.The leaves are antibacterial, and are used for strengthening the teeth and gums. 3.The fruit and seeds are sweet, acrid, sour, tonic and cooling. 4.Other advise seeds used for diabetes,diarrhoea and ringworm. 5.The bark is astringent, sweet sour, diuretic, digestive and anthelmintic. 6.Leaves are used as poultices on skin diseases. 7.Decoction of the fruit is used in case of enlargement of the spleen.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rose Benefits

Health and Probiotics

Probiotics refers to dietary supplements or foods that contain beneficial,
or ( good ) bacteria that are similar to those normally found in your upper and lower intestines.
These good bacteria also live in other place within our bodies, like our mouth, nose and vaginal area.

Use regularly as food supplement (about 5-9 fresh flowers taken daily), rose flowers help prevent and cure ailments such as: rheumatoid arthritis, urinary bladder infections, constipation, chronic diarrhea, gastritis, dizziness, infertility and to regulate kidney function.
The rose also offers a soothing property to the nerves and emotional /psychological state of mind.
The flowers Rose tea is also rich in iron that is why women drink rose tea during their menstrual period, to replace the blood during menstruation.
It is regarded as a mild sedative and anti-depressant.
It is increasingly used in treatments for conditions of stress:
nervous tension, peptic ulcers, heart disease, among others.
There is indication that rose essence may also positively influence digestion, bile secretion, womb disorders and circulation.
In addition, a tea made with rose petals (pour 150 ml of boiling water over 1 /2 grams of rose petals) often soothes a mild sore throat.
The flowers Rose tea, taken following a course of antibiotic therapy, will help re-establish the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. The natural balance of the intestinal flora may be disrupted or destroyed by the action of antibiotic drugs.

But even if you eat something ( fresh ) odds are it lacks large quantities of what used to be considered really good food.
It has been shown that “organically” grown food contains more nutrients and antioxidants than food grown under chemical conditions.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


. Apocynaceae

Dugtong Baging

Vinetree is tested herbs in the Philippines.
But not all herbs doctors are discovered this herbs.
Rarely see elsewhere this herbs.

How to use this herbs:

Vine tree cut two inch long. or slice of this herbs.
And seven stick of this herbs,
Decoction 3 glass of water and cold" drink 3 times a day.

The herbs is good for Anti-cancer, Diabetic, arthritis, low blood,
appetizer, dismenorrhea, fever, cough,kidney disorder,
This herbs is effective and don't take this herbs
if you are fregnant

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cure Stomach Pain

Filipino Terms:Alangit-ngit

Other name: Tsaang Gubat

Traditional uses:

Research and test now prove it's efficacy as an herbal medicine.
Aside from the traditional way of taking Tsa-ang Gubat,

Leaves and roots make air dry.
5 grasp of dried materials,Boil 3 glass of water and drink 3 times a day.
Tsaang Gubat is one of the most 10 herbs
approve in the Philippine Department of Health as an antispasmodic for abdominal pains. And is registered as a herbal medicine at the Philippine Bureau of Food & Drug (BFAD). Tsaang Gubat is a shrub small tree that grows from 1 to 5 meters plentiful in the Philippines. In folkloric medicine, the leaves has been used as a disinfectant wash during child birth, as cure for diarrhea, as tea for general good health, Tsaang Gubat has high fluoride content, it is used as a mouth gargle for preventing tooth decay. Tsa-ang gubat is traditional to cure Stomach pains, Gastroenteritis, Intestinal motility, Dysentery, Diarrhea or Loose Bowel Movement (LBM). It can be used as mouth gargle and Body cleanser/wash

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Gomphrena globoso

Filipino Terms: Botoncillo

Parts utilized · Flowers. · Collect the head Flowers during May to October, during the flowering season. · Sun-dry. Properties Sweet tasting. Antitussive, antiasthmatic.


Tradistional Herbs:

Bronchial asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis, whooping cough: Decoction of 3 grasp of dried material or fresh 14 head of flowers. into 3 glass of water and drink 2 times a day Used for heart tonic and for high blood pressure, jaundice, oliguria and other kidney problems. Used for treatment of diabetes. decoction of plant used for cough.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Respiratory Problems

Adiantum capillus-veneris LLin.

Filipino Terms:Alambrillo


An evergreen fern with a short, ascending, and scaly rhizome with spirally arranged, stipitate and compound leaves. Stipe is dark is small, dark green, smooth, fan-shaped leaflets. Veins are free and often forked.

Part Used : Leaves, Whole plant

Preparation:The whole plant chop into small pieces 5 grasp dried plant,boil 3 glass of water, cool and drink 2 times a day. 10 grasp fresh plant, boil 4 glass of water, cool and drink 2 times a day.

:Depurative, antidandruff, vermifuge. Astringent, liver bile stimulator. Hypoglycemic, hypotensive, stimulant and tonic. Detoxifier, diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant. Maidenhair fern is antioxidant. Hepatoprotective, hypocholesterolemic. Diabetes, skin problems, diarrhea, and dysentery. It is mainly useful in respiratory problems. Hair loss, gallstones, liver problems, wounds. Convulsions and many chronic diseases. It is helpful to cure jaundice. Blood cleanser, cardiotonic decongestant.
Leaves are edible and used in making tea and other refreshing drinks. It breaks up stone in the bladder, spleen, and kidneys. Paste of leaves is useful in headaches and chest pains. Leaves are used as garnished material on foods.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Heart attact and Strokes

English: Carrot
Scientific name:Daucus carota
Filipino Terms: Carrot

Many people considered drinking carrot juice for the healthiest lifestyle choices possible.
Carrot juice is known for beta-carotene which gives the body Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Vitamin E and many minerals.
A major source of carotenoids,"protective food components", carrots contain potent
antioxidants and are high in beta-carotene.Excellent for tissue repair
and maintenance, as well as an enhancer for the formation of bones, and the functioning
of the eyes.
Carrot juice is thought to reduce the risks of many different types of cancer including skin and breast cancer.
The cancer fighting properties of carrot juice are often thought to be excellent due to the high amounts of beta carotene.
Beta carotene changes to Vitamin A in the body.

The benefits of eating carrots has been evidence in lately concluded
studies that show that an increase in the daily consumption of carrots provided a lot of beneficial compounds called" beta carotene"
These compounds can significantly lower the risk of heart attact and strokes.
Who were much more likely to survive and recover form a stroke they had important levels of the beta-carotenes in their blood.
Carrots are well known as the worldwide vegetable for juicing.
carrots is great benefits in long life.
Everyday Eating raw vegetable like carrot is the best,Anywhere you go.
Carrot juice has gain for us at a very young age.
Carrot juice has a amount be of health benefits.
The carrot gives basic juice.
The yellow color is due to carotene. Carrot juice has a number of well being effects.
The carrot provides what is definitely the most imperative necessary juice.
important element in an infant’s up bring can be found in the vitamin A of carrot juice.
Drinking carrot juice is thought to be amazing beneficial for the liver due to Vitamin A's cleansing effects.
Vitamin A reduces bile and fat in the liver. Carrot juice has anti-carcinogen properties.
Carrot juice is wonder ingested in the afternoon because of the burst of energy that always follows.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Malaria Cure

RP scientists developing cure for malaria out of makahiya plant

Scientific names: Memosa Pudica
Filipino Terms:Makahiya,Hibi-hibi

Parts utilized
Entire plant.


Nervous: Pounded of root dried,2 or 3 spoon, boil 2 glass of water and Drink.
Decoction 5 grasp of plant in 2 glass of and Drink.
Decoction or infusion of leaves used in asthma; expectorant.
Urinary complaints, hypertension, menorrhagia.
Glandular swelling, sore throat and hoarseness.
Powdered seeds applied to wounds and sores.
Decoction of roots used for bladder stones.
Bruised leaves applied to bruises.
Decoction of leaves used for diabetes.
Developing cure for malaria.

Government scientists are now looking at the possibility of developing an herbal medicine for malaria from the "makahiya" plant.

The executive director of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology, said Wednesday that the research on makahiya is among the studies being pursued by the agency for herbal medicine.

He told reporters during a forum in Quezon City that the study on the medicinal value of makahiya (scientific name: Mimosa pudica) came upon after reports that minority groups in the Philippines boil the roots and leaves of the herb and drink the broth as cure for malaria.

He explained that a government survey done in the 1970s showed that some tribes in the Cordillera and Visayas have been using this method.

“Now we’re still studying which part of the plant has the chemical and the active ingredient that can be used as cure for malaria," he said.

He said that as of the latest government tally, only 20 of the 81 provinces in the country have not reported cases of malaria.

The DOST official, however, said that one of the concerns at this point are the reported cases of malaria strains that are resistant to medication like those in Palawan.

He said this happens when a strain of the malaria virus develops resistance to a specific drug.

He said the government allocates around P7 million annually for the development of herbal medicines in the country.

Existing drugs from herbs include lagundi tablet and pediatric syrup for cough and asthma; sambong tablet for urolithiasis; akapulko lotion for fungal infection; yerba Buena tablet for pain relief and ampalaya tablet for diabetes.

HE said other possible herbal medicines in the pipeline are saluyot for constipation and guyabano and guava for tuberculosis.

Arthritis and Gout

English: Banana
Filipino Terms: Saging

Bananas are one of our best sources for potassium,fiber,and VitaminB-6

Such elements offer an ability to help harmful lower blood pressure and protect
against atherosclerosis"hardening of the arteries" and the risk of stroke.
Bananas are useful in the treatment of arthritis and gout. A diet of bananas only for three or four days is advisable in these conditions. The patient can be given to eat eight or nine bananas daily during this period and nothing else.

Key elements of Bananas also promote proper bone health,counteract urinary calcium loss,
sooth stomach ulsers, improve waste elimination,and protect eyesight.
Bananas are an exceptionally rich source of fructooligosacchrides, a compound known
as a prebiotic because it nourishes probiotic "friendly bacterial" in the colon. Through
this friendly interaction,the body's ability to absorb calcium and other vital
vitamins and minerals is greatly enhanced as the intestine become enriched.

Lung Cancer

English: Grapes

Filipino Terms: Ubas

1.Lung Cancer
Reservatrol is also believed to help protect the lungs. Eating grapes daily, or drinking red wine that is made from red grapes, can lower the risk of lung cancer by as much as 15 percent.
Grapes have the ability to lower cholesterol. This is because of a particular antioxidant known as
pterostilbene, which specifically targets LDL cholesterol, which is the kind that negatively affects the body.
3.Heart Muscles
A compound in grapes called resveratrol is known to help with heart muscle health. It does this by inhibiting certain compounds that are created in response to low blood pressure that negatively affect heart muscles.
4.Blood Clotting
Eating grapes helps to prevent blood clotting. It does this by increasing the production of nitric oxide in the body, a compound that prevents blood platelets from sticking to each other.
Grapes are known to have anti-microbial affects on the body. This means that they kill off unhealthy bacteria that may invade the body.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cleanses Blood

Filipino term: Bilabila
Ingles: Quitch grass

Traditional Herbs

Intire Plants can be used:

Ten grams of fresh plants boil five glass of water. cool and drink two times a day. Five grams of root dried materials, boil five glass of water, cool and drink two times a day.

The number one cleanses blood,rheumatism, gout,
stomach disease, and others, all types of catararh due to cold,
fever, gastritis, gall bladder, etc., promotes perspiration,
increases urine,The root excellent neutralize blood preasure

General An excellent remedy in
excessive irritability of the bladder, dysuria, cystitis, gonorrhoea. ...

Tincture or infusion by boiling two ounces in a quart of water until it is reduce to a pint. To be taken in four doses in 24 hours