Friday, June 26, 2009

Health Alert

'Health Alert'

'Influenza AH1n1'

It is caused by a novel flu virus that resulted from the reasonment of 4 virus from pig,
human and birds.

=Mode of transmission: Exposure to droplets from the cough and sheeze of the infeded person.
It is not transmitted by eating throughly cooked pork.
Incubation period, 1-10 days.

Sign and symptoms in human.

Similar to the symptom of regular flu such as.

1.Fever 6.lack of appetite
2.Headache 7.runny nose
3.Fatigue 8.sorethroat
4.Muscle and joint pain 9.cough
5.diarhea 10.nause/vomiting


Practice cough equette/covering nose/mouth when coughing/ sheezing.
Proper hand washing with soap/ water for at least 20 second.

Avoid close contact with sick people 2 ( meters )
Increase your body resistance:

1. 8 hours sleep
2. excircise
3. manage stress
4.personal hygiene
5.drink plenty of water
6. eat balanced/nutritious foods.


1. monitor the arrival of person/ person from other places specially those coming from

abroad or countries with confirmed cases of A H1N1 virus.

2. List down the names of arrival, the person who come in contact with the new arrival.
3. Advised self quarantine for 10 days.
4. If flue like symptoms develop with in the 10 days observation period, provide personal
protective equipment ( PPEs) like mask/ immediately isolate the patient prior to this
immediate transport to the hospital ( EURMC ) Tacloban city.
5. Place the rest of the household under a 10 days home confinement.

REfeat the process:

6. Inform " RHP/CHO " for possible transport to the referral hospital.

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