Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sun flower Benefits

Mirasol: ( Helianthus annus )
Other name:Sun flower.

The sun flowers benefits as incredible in other herbs.
The sun flower has provided good vitamin, Source of vitamin B,Protein,Naicin,Phosphorus,Iron
and Fat. The sweet oil of sun flower as good for massage benefits to relaxing body pain and
super natural herbs.
Good for Bronchitis,cough,urinary problem.Some leaves and seeds of sunflower boil 3 glass a water and
drink 3 times a day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bath with Herbal

The ideal technique a kind of bath are good solution to prevent or curative a kind of illnesses. The use of herbal about bath is big factor to restore health good condition.
Many drugs used in the bath activity, Such as chamomile, eyukaliptos, agoho leaves or pine
tree, the quantity of drugs 200 up to 1000 grams.
Use amargon or dandeliyon some just met this medicine.
it help or curative in many diseases, Like the gall bladder, nervous, The bad liquid inside the body
is able to release. Decoction the drug volume is 300 to 500 grams whole body bath.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Scientific name: Coleus amboinicus
Other name: klabu, suganda, oregano.

The oregano as folkloric herbs many countries used this plants for medicinal purposes and
recipes information about cooking.
Ancient Greeks used oregano herbs as an antidote and it was used by Ancient Egyptian
herbalists for medicinal purposes as well.Oregano is an important culinary herb. It is
particularly widely used in Turkish, Greek, Spanish and in Italian cuisine. It is the leaves
that are used in alternative medicine.
For: Gastritis, cough,head ache, decoction trunks and leaves and drink 3 times a day.



Remedies for the treatment claims in different countries of Asian ginseng are numerous
including the use of the herb to support his ability to recovery of health.
Traditional and modern uses of ginseng include:
Improving the health of people recovering from illness
1 Increasing a sense of well-being and stamina, and improving both mental and physical
2 Treating erectile dysfunction, hepatitis C, and symptoms related to menopause
3 Lowering blood glucose and controlling blood pressure
and the important this ginseng is boost immune system.

How It Is Used

The root of Asian ginseng contains active chemical components called ginsenosides (or
panaxosides) that are thought to be responsible for the herb's medicinal properties. The
fresh root put into the battle mix the wine use spoon and drink three times a day, As well
as creams of ginseng or other preparations for external use.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Unique herbs

Eclipta Alba Herbs

In every season of flowering getting and make it dry before saving of flowers. At the time if you needed these herbs no problem because you always ready.
Eclipta alba herbs. The are called herbal all disease,The herbs is unique in other alternative medicine.
The eclipta alba herbs is the best alternative medicine to cure in any disease, Even skin infection, diarrhea and what else.

Part utilized: whole plant.

For hepatitis,lever infection, lever problem, gall bladder, purblind,vomiting blood, hip sickness and blood urination. 4 to 8 grasp of dried plants,boiled 3 glass of water and drink 3 times a day until to heal the pain.

Other idea to skin infection, boiled 4 to 8 grasp of plant in 1 glass of water and wash it the affected area. Even fresh leaves grind and put into affected area.

Friday, September 11, 2009



Coffee is one alternative remedies to depression

Preparation: Use coffea fruit dried and grind, If you
depression due to intoxication of wine or overdose into take medicine.
Drink 2 glass black of coffea with sugar.
Other medication: headache, asthma,bronchitis.If symptoms is attack drink 1 glass black coffee.
For the kidney disease, constant urination the same idea.

Don't use instant coffee.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chrysanthemum Sinence

Ispira Ultima ( chrysanthemum sinence )

Many country testimony as the chrysanthemum has a big benefit to people who are sick.
The chrysanthemum high level compared to other herbal medicines as remedies to oral
Part utilized: leaves,root or rhizome and flowers.
wash it and dried.
For: blood circulation, cough, cold, headache, eye pain, stomach pain, indigestion, fever, flu.
Almost 3 grasp of dried plant,put into glass with hot water and cover in 15 minutes,
drink three times a day.
The tea itself is nearly transparent but for the yellow and white buds or petals of the
Chrysanthemum floating in the glass. A sip of the tea by itself is an intriguing and
refreshing infusion of a slightly sweet and slightly bitter flavor.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Low Energy

Philippines is rich in alternative medicine. Before using the herbs as remedies to disease.
Even before the old people to used alternative drugs. And based on the happening or
experience is good to restore the former strength. So far especially useful low energy or physical condition. Vernonia cenerea very good as alternative medicine.

Vermonia Cenerea

Part utilized: entire plant

For: cough, fever, cold, jaundice, nervous and low energy.
The 10 plants of vermonia fresh or dry boil 3 glass of water and drink 3 times a day.

Vermonia cinerea is also a very good herbal treatment for furuncle. Dry it and grind it into
a fine powder. You would need to take one tablespoon and add to a cup of water; then boil it
and imbibe thrice daily after straining. You would be cured in a week.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Irritating Eyes

Bitaog ( calophyllum inophyllum )

Part utilized : leaves, bark, seeds and wood.

One day my friend is going to the bolo maker.He stop and say how to make bolo. Accidentally the shrapnel of iron pointed to the eyed of my friend and he ask for help. His eye was hurt. He run to our house and ask for help. I get the leaves of calophyllum and chop almost 1 kilo of leaves. I put the leaves into the tub with a lot of water and soak it to 4 hours.He blink his eyes into the tub. And after few hours he relieves his feeling of sickness.

If you have problem about eyes don't hesitate to the alternatives and remedies of medicine calophyllum or bitaog. Proving alternative medicine to irritating eyes and sore eyes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Execellent Herbs.

Bee propolis
Green tea
Tea tree
The three kinds of herbs very big factors to alternative medicine for a good and healthy body.
Three herbs combined as a superb natural ingredients to promote healthy gums and whiter
Tea tree:
Tea tree oil execellent good for as an anti-bacterial natural medicine.
Tea tree impressive natural cure, Also effective for genito-urinary tract infections.
Green tea:
The secret of green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols,powerful anti-oxidant and act as an
antibacterial agent when applied to skin infections.
Bee propolis:
Bee Propolis is the sticky resin-like substance found in the beehive. The bees gather resin
from trees and plants. They use this mixture to stick the hive together, and seal it. This
substance also protects them from bacteria and disease.
Propolis is dark in color, and is a rich source of minerals, amino acids, fats, trace
minerals and bioflavonoids.