Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Pogostemon cablin:

Other name: Kabling, patchouli.

Part use and Folkloric:

Leaves, flowering spikes, roots.

What kind of illness cure this herbs:

For: gastritis, urine problem, unhealthy body. Fresh leaves or dried plant boil cool and
drink. If the urine problem not cure stop drink this herbs and change leaves of banaba.
For: Rheumatism before apply the leaves of Pogostemon cablin, massage first and 5 leaves of
pogostemon leaves heat directly over open fire, one at a time.
Apply directly while still hot the massage area.

Pogostemon cablin many uses these herbs especially sensual fragrance, used as a balancing
oil and is helpful in skincare, particularly for the mature skin. Pogostemon oil may also
used to treat athlete's foot, eczema, fatigue, frigidity, hair care, stress, and is an
effective insect repellent.

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