Monday, January 11, 2010

Kapok Tree

Cieba Pentadra:

The tree erect 15 m high, The branches are distant whorls, spread horizontaly,
The leaves are compound with 5-8 lanceolate 5-15 cm long. pointed on both ends.

Medicinal Uses:

The bark are use for vomitive,deuretic, it is use to treat high fever and diarrhea. Used applied on wounds and swollen fingers.
Boiled of flowers for constipation, An infusion of leaves are use for cough,hoarseness, intestinal problem and urethritis, The tender leaves is use for gonorrhea.
The boiled of roots is given for chronic dysentery, diarrhea, acites abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in the abdominal cavity. In other person though
about edema characterized by the accumulation of serum in the connective tissue of the body.

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