Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Salvia officinalis L.

  ( Salvia officinalis L.)

     Philippine herbal medicine lesten about this plant Salvia officinalis L.The leaves and
     young leaves good medication for tootache problem,gums,tonselitis,larynx problem and
     stomach,sleeping problem,cough,bronchitis,ovary bleeding,diarrhea,tuberculosis problem,
     liver problem and liver stone,

Monday, November 24, 2014

Nettle Benefits

( Nettle )
   Urtica dioica L.

Philippine herbal medicine  promote Nettle plant,not tropical high,Nettle plant that called queen of plant very effective to blood cleansing and poison cleansing inside the body the plant very powerful for skin problem,dandruff best for falling hair problem,rheumatoid,good for healing anemia swelling problem,better for hemorrhoid,Nettle plant good for lungs,stomach swelling,asthma, and high fever,

 Nettle plant is edible the young leaves many minerals are there plant like calcium,
  iron,sulphor,sodium,selecon,chlorine and etc.

  Eating this kind of plant for strong eye.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Garlic leaves benefits

( Garlic Leaves )

   Philippine herbal medicine unique given and interesting result about important herbal medicine
   plant garlic leaves,Garlic leaves better for perspiration,blood cleansing,support nervous healing,
   better for hemorrhoid healing,swelling,Garlic leaves used in other nation to protect in our
   body illnesses,good for lungs problem,bronchitis,rheumatism and swelling gland the natural
   healing process is better than the other aggressive and mistake healing.

Radish Benefits


      ( Radish )

   Philippine herbal medicine convincing Radish most powerful healing to deadly illness like
   asthma,cough with deadly phlegm,bronchitis,cold,lungs problem,stomach and intestine problem,
   the Radish power very great protector to any illness incounter of human being.Any kind of Radish
   not neglect power because the power of juice very big factor to healing of liver stone,
   bladder stone,urinary problem and I proven this power it is good miracle to all the people
   counter this kind of problem illness.
   HOW Do They DO IT
   The juice of Radish mix honey and lemon every hour drink one tablespoon of juice
   don't drink eating going on.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Beta Vulgaris Benefits

( Beta Vulgaris cicla )
   Espinaka china,Pechay china

   Philippine herbal medicine giving good imformation to all the people about miraculous
   Beta Vulgaris cicla plant.Beta Vulgaris cicla plant everyday eating and used it because  best healing
   for hard vowel movement problem and larges intestine going to anus canal,inflammatory problem,
   hemorrhoid problem,Drink beta vulgaris juice everyday good for pimples, wounds,skin problem,
   the young leaves beta vulgaris apply wounds and skin problem.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Origano Benefits

Origano (Wild Marjoram)
   Origanum vulgaris

  Philippine herbal medicine Proven the kind of Plant very interesting to showing a good miracle to proven how to given cure of burden illness to human being. Origano best for cold,cough,asthma,rheumatism,weak stomach  problem,weaknervous problem is controlling the action and functions of the body.Origano is the
 best for this problem,Origano good for gas pain,lever problem and ovary problem,
 Origano promoted by health organization to healing illness problem.