Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mustasa or Peppery Benefits

Philippine herbal medicine unique research about Mustasa or Peppery, crispy mustard greens,
also known as leaf mustards, that is common vegetable in the market,
Peppery is very useful about nutritional green-leafy vegetables available around world.
Its lovely top greens have actually more vitamin A, carotenes, vitamin K, and flavonoid anti-oxidants than some of typical fruits and vegetables.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

            ( Nettle )
         Urtica dioica L.

Philippine herbal medicine  promote Nettle plant,not tropical high,Nettle plant that called queen of plant very effective to blood cleansing and poison cleansing inside the body the plant very powerful
 for skin problem,dandruff best for falling hair problem,rheumatoid,good for healing anemia,
  swelling problem,better for hemorrhoid,Nettle plant good for lungs,stomach swelling,asthma,
  and high fever,  Nettle plant is edible the young leaves many minerals are there plant like calcium,
  iron,sulphor,sodium,selicon,chlorine and etc.Eating this kind of plant for strong eye.