Friday, October 6, 2017

Batuan or Garcinia Morella/ Benefits

 Philippine Herbal medecine moving forward to contenue research about
  effective plants to rescue in any people who needs healings illnesess.
  My grand father He was talking to Me erlier about diabeties,He said eating Batuan fruits
  aah potentially very effective to normalize sugar level,Batuan tree is medicinal properties
  the have contains anti inflamatory properties to relieve inflamation in the body.
  Decoction of the fruit solution to the people who's the have problem
  of cholesterol level drink 3 times a day,Don't drink if you hypertension problem.
  Batuan fruits it containts antioxidant properties because of vitamin C to boost immune
  system to fight free radicals diseases.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Kidney Stone Solution

               Philippines Herbal Medicine,Very Accurate experience about Kidney Stones
              3 weeks ago about Me. I have problem in my kidney stone it is very hard
             or difficult to urinate because it is very  painful.

    I used two kinds of Plants for my good solution in my kidney problem
    It is natural and native herbal  in the philippine plants, Blumea
    balsamifera and Imperata Cylindrica, The two plants are good solution
    to dissolve or broken kidney the stones and wash out the stone inside in my
    kidney problem,There was a very good result after one (1) week of using the two kinds of plants.
    Look at the picture and I'm fine my kidney stones were disappeared I cure now.
    Decoction of Blumea balsamifera drink two times a day 500 ml.
    and Imperata Cylindrica root, Decoction 7 grasp in one letter drink two times a day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Corn Hair Benefits

Philippine herbal medicine is unique information about Corn Hair.
 Coair Hair juice very good drink against for kidneys stone,useful
 to urine cleansing,very effective against for rheumatism,very effective
 for wake body,shoulder and foot pain,hips pain ,back pain,
Corn Hair
juice good for typhoid fever and others.HEALTH IS WEALTH.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Banana Benefits

A good result of eating banana is against to the fat people.Whoever people the problem is over fat
Eating Banana 3 times a day and do not eat other foods,The first day eat 2 banana 3 times a day,
And continue eat banana added 1 banana every eat 3 times a day.Until 5 banana every eat 3 times a day and after that deduct 1 banana in very eat until two banana  remain.The result is all acid in
your body is spill.The banana solid vitamins like A,B,C,E and G,and many minerals of banana,
Like Iron,Potassium,Calcium,fiber,Copper,Biotin,That is a good result of eating banana best benefits.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mustasa or Peppery Benefits

Philippine herbal medicine unique research about Mustasa or Peppery, crispy mustard greens,
also known as leaf mustards, that is common vegetable in the market,
Peppery is very useful about nutritional green-leafy vegetables available around world.
Its lovely top greens have actually more vitamin A, carotenes, vitamin K, and flavonoid anti-oxidants than some of typical fruits and vegetables.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

            ( Nettle )
         Urtica dioica L.

Philippine herbal medicine  promote Nettle plant,not tropical high,Nettle plant that called queen of plant very effective to blood cleansing and poison cleansing inside the body the plant very powerful
 for skin problem,dandruff best for falling hair problem,rheumatoid,good for healing anemia,
  swelling problem,better for hemorrhoid,Nettle plant good for lungs,stomach swelling,asthma,
  and high fever,  Nettle plant is edible the young leaves many minerals are there plant like calcium,
  iron,sulphor,sodium,selicon,chlorine and etc.Eating this kind of plant for strong eye.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Salvia officinalis L.

  ( Salvia officinalis L.)

     Philippine herbal medicine lesten about this plant Salvia officinalis L.The leaves and
     young leaves good medication for tootache problem,gums,tonselitis,larynx problem and
     stomach,sleeping problem,cough,bronchitis,ovary bleeding,diarrhea,tuberculosis problem,
     liver problem and liver stone,