Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ficus Hauli

Early time to heal the sick and maintain vigor of body.

The most important is to accept the truth, for a person who have and illness, you need to
treat the disease and according to many advertising on google research, regarding the alternative
medicine, some people who heal their illness, that we do not hesitate to have research
and we see which are good for us based on the need.

Scientific name:Ficus hauli
The three sprout of ficus hauli is good for the abdomenal pain,stomach pain.
It is very effective alternative medicine in the philippines,it is use in the mountain
people. Three sprout of ficus hauli put in glass and put hot water after 5 minutes drink
moderately.Ficus hauli is a good alternative medicine.Yesterday my stepchlid tried this
herbs and he told me it's very nice and effective. and he thanks me.

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