Friday, August 14, 2009


Treatments of Rheumatic Fever

The treatment for rheumatic fever includes antibiotics to treat the original strep
infection, supportive care, including bed rest, and anti-inflammatory medicines, such as
salicylates and steroids.
Rheumatic Fever is an inflammatory disease which may affect the:
1. Heart
2. joints
3. Brain
4. Skin

Parts can be used: Rhizomes,wash it,chop and make it dry Medication: One spoon of dried material, put on the glass with hot water, and covered it with in 15 minutes' drink 2 or 3 times a day. This could also be used in:

Rhizomes are bitter,Uric acid,anti-inflammatory,postpartum,depurative, anodyne, acrid, digestive, laxative,thermogenic , aphrodisiac, diuretic, febrifuge and tonic. It is used in dyspepsia, flatulence,colic, constipation and helminthiasis. It is useful in skin diseases, leprosy and psoriasis. It is used in insanity and neuralgia, epilepsy, fever. It is used syphilis, strangury, seminal weakness and general debility. Detoxifies organs, cleanses blood, aids absorption and kills bacteria. It also stimulates digestion, increases urination,blood circulation, protects liver and promotes perspiration.
The care and protection of our body is a step towards the success of our
purpose in life, so important to preserve the vigor of our body, more than wealth.

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