Thursday, June 11, 2009


LOMBOY ( Syzygium cumini )
Other name :duhat,lumbuy

A. Product uses: Leaves, Seeds, Bark, Fruits

Uses :

1.The 40 pieces of young leaves ,boil into 3 glass of water, until half glass of water remain drink 30 minutes before meal for diabetic. 2.The leaves are antibacterial, and are used for strengthening the teeth and gums. 3.The fruit and seeds are sweet, acrid, sour, tonic and cooling. 4.Other advise seeds used for diabetes,diarrhoea and ringworm. 5.The bark is astringent, sweet sour, diuretic, digestive and anthelmintic. 6.Leaves are used as poultices on skin diseases. 7.Decoction of the fruit is used in case of enlargement of the spleen.

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