Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chrysanthemum Sinence

Ispira Ultima ( chrysanthemum sinence )

Many country testimony as the chrysanthemum has a big benefit to people who are sick.
The chrysanthemum high level compared to other herbal medicines as remedies to oral
Part utilized: leaves,root or rhizome and flowers.
wash it and dried.
For: blood circulation, cough, cold, headache, eye pain, stomach pain, indigestion, fever, flu.
Almost 3 grasp of dried plant,put into glass with hot water and cover in 15 minutes,
drink three times a day.
The tea itself is nearly transparent but for the yellow and white buds or petals of the
Chrysanthemum floating in the glass. A sip of the tea by itself is an intriguing and
refreshing infusion of a slightly sweet and slightly bitter flavor.

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