Monday, June 30, 2008


Anemia Caused by Blood Loss

Blood loss can also cause anemia - whether it's because of unreasonable bleeding due to injury, surgical operation, or a problem with the blood's coagulation ability. More slowly , long-run blood loss, such as intestinal intigative bleeding from bowel disease (IBD), can also cause anemia. sometimes results from threatening menstrual periods in teen girls and women. Any of these factors will also increasing the body's need for iron because iron is needed to make new RBCs.

AVOCADO (Persea americana)

Nutritive Values : Per 100 gm.

Calcium : 10 mg.

Calories : 245
Carbohydrates : 5.1 gm.
Fat : 26.4 gm. (monounsaturated)
Niacin : 1.1 mg.
Phosphorus : 38 mg.
Protein : 1.7 gm.
Thiamine : 290 mg.
Vitamin A : 290 I.U
Vitamin C : 16 mg.

Good Benefits of Avocado fruit :

a. Avocado good for Anemic
b. Beneficial for women in their menopausal.
c. For malnourished because of the plentiful supply of vitamins and minerals.
d. For young and goodly skin use avocado oil. It is a benefit facial oil.
e. Help in Male powerlessness because of its richness in nutrients.
f. Inflamed conditions of the mucous membranes, particularly the stomach, small intestines and colon.
i. Nervousness "Jumpiness"
j. Readily taken by ulcer patients.

GABI BIRDI ( Colocasia esculanta )
Other name:Bigkato

PREPARATION:Can be use fresh leaves,branch,rhizomes

For GOITER, and ANEMIC: The fresh leaves,branch,rhizomes is edible.

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