Monday, June 29, 2009

Down of Sugar Level

Testimony about heart of banana.

The heart of banana is good for diabetic. My friend said, i go to my doctor and check up
my blood sugar level and i shock! because my sugar level is 700 count. I said my
self deadbol, and i worried on that time.

My doctor is give me a many medicines to protect my blood sugar level and not good result.

I suggested to my friend you take heart of banana and slice into 4 decoction to half gallon
of water in half hour, after that cool and drink 3 times a day.
After one week my friend back to my house and said. My friend my friend good result,Ah..!
what! good result my friend to drink a juice the heart banana very very effective that herbs,
my blood sugar level is down to 300 count, I'm very happy my friend ty my friend
everyday i drink juice a heart of banana my friend.

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