Monday, July 6, 2009

U T I. Urenary Problem

Scientific name:Tinospora rumphii
Filipino Terms:Makabuhay plant
On April, I vacation in Davao, My friend Ricardo there's a big problem, his urine does not
exit on his urethra glans
Ricardo go to hospital for examine, and said the doctor, sir! your problem is urinary tract
infection is a serious health problem, I advise you, because your problem is not easy, go to
the doctor specialist and he give the solutions to your problems ..Doctor specialist to give
solutions to your problems ..
But Ricardo returned to their home, because the instruction of his grandfather.He remembered
about makabuhay herbs,
Ricardo they got the vitalize herbs and slice three 1 / 4 the thickness
boil 3 glass of water in half minutes and drink 3 times a day.

In the next day of piss that many appear to crystal come on his urethra glans.
Ricardo proven the vitalize herbs is very effective.

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