Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Promise Against Breast Cancer

New Mushroom Remedy Shows Promise Against Breast Cancer

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Ayon sa ating kaalaman ang mushroom noon paman ay ginawang pang ulam lalo na ang nasa naninirahan sa bundok, Ito ay pampalakas ng katawan o resestance,

Kaya noong sinure ang mushroom ay may malaking pakinabang ito sa ating katawan.

Traditional Asian medicine is often way ahead of Western medicine…and that’s glaringly obvious in the fight against cancer. Now, one ancient remedy has been married with today’s technology, creating a formula so powerful that it is able to target breast cancer cells before they grow and multiply – helping to stop the disease in its tracks.

East meets west to create a powerful anti-breast cancer formula

When the research and development team of a US-based company which harnesses the medicinal powers of mushrooms, learned about a medicinal mushroom extract – used by Japanese doctors with remarkable results - they knew it would become the centrepiece of their new breast cancer formula.

They became interested in the medicinal mushroom extract after hearing about the work of a scientist called Dr. Daniel Silva. After 10 years of research on medicinal mushrooms, Dr. Sliva found undeniable evidence in the lab that a certain mushroom extract has a four-fold anti-breast- cancer effect.

1. It inhibits cell adhesion, meaning it keeps breast cancer cells from joining together to form tumours.

2. It restricts cell migration, so breast cancer cells can’t move to other areas of the body (known as metastases).

3. It curbs cell invasion, meaning the PL extract doesn’t let breast cancer cells take over healthy cells.

4. It suppresses angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels – something tumours can’t live without.

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