Monday, June 15, 2009



Dundruff are scales of greasy keratotic material shed from this scalp.

Water Treatments:

1.Wash hair 2 times a week using gugo shampoo or commercial shampoo
for dry hair.
2.Comb and massage head very well after every shampoo.
3.Apply fresh coconut oil to the head and hair once a week,
One hour before shampoo. Massage the oil on the scalp. Leave oil for 10 minutes.
Better yet, leave it on overnight before shampoo.
4.As hair conditioner. put 1/2 cup vinegar into one gallon water and use this to rinse
hair after the shampoo.

Drugs Medications:

Scientific name: Curcuma domestica
Kilaw leaves:

1. Pound the rhizomes.
Rub or massage the juice on this scalp and hair.Leave it on overnight and shampoo
the next morning.

2.Gugo bark shampoo:

# Soak the gugo bark in a basin of cold water for 3 minutes before the shampoo.
Squeeze the juice in the water and put the juice of 3 calamansi.

# Wet hair very well and use this as shampoo. Rinse well.

Sabila leaves:

3. Extract juice from fresh leaves.
Apply juice liberally and massage the scalp 1 hour before the gugo shampoo.
Do this once a week for weeks.

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