Monday, June 1, 2009

Cure Stomach Pain

Filipino Terms:Alangit-ngit

Other name: Tsaang Gubat

Traditional uses:

Research and test now prove it's efficacy as an herbal medicine.
Aside from the traditional way of taking Tsa-ang Gubat,

Leaves and roots make air dry.
5 grasp of dried materials,Boil 3 glass of water and drink 3 times a day.
Tsaang Gubat is one of the most 10 herbs
approve in the Philippine Department of Health as an antispasmodic for abdominal pains. And is registered as a herbal medicine at the Philippine Bureau of Food & Drug (BFAD). Tsaang Gubat is a shrub small tree that grows from 1 to 5 meters plentiful in the Philippines. In folkloric medicine, the leaves has been used as a disinfectant wash during child birth, as cure for diarrhea, as tea for general good health, Tsaang Gubat has high fluoride content, it is used as a mouth gargle for preventing tooth decay. Tsa-ang gubat is traditional to cure Stomach pains, Gastroenteritis, Intestinal motility, Dysentery, Diarrhea or Loose Bowel Movement (LBM). It can be used as mouth gargle and Body cleanser/wash

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