Friday, August 1, 2008

Postpartum O Bughat

Filipino Term:SIBUKAW:

Other name: SAPPAN WOOD.
Caesalpinia sappan

Medicinal Uses:

Decoction of wood and bark used for tuberculosis, diarrhea, dysentery, postpartum tonic, skin infections. and anemia.
blood purifying.
Seeds used for stomach aches and nervous disorders.
Decoction of wood used for postpartum as tonic.
Decoction of root used for Diabetes.

Filipino term: BANAG: English term: SMILAX BRACTEATA.

Other Filipino term: BANAGAN

Parts can be used: Rhizomes,wash it,chop and make it dry


One spoon of dried material, put on the glass with hot water, and covered it with in 15 minutes' drink 2 or 3 times a day.

This could also be used in:

Rhizomes are bitter,Uric acid,anti-inflammatory,postpartum,depurative, anodyne, acrid, digestive, laxative,thermogenic , aphrodisiac, diuretic, febrifuge and tonic. It is used in dyspepsia, flatulence,colic, constipation and helminthiasis. It is useful in skin diseases, leprosy and psoriasis. It is used in insanity and neuralgia, epilepsy, fever. It is used syphilis, strangury, seminal weakness and general debility. Detoxifies organs, cleanses blood, aids absorption and kills bacteria. It also stimulates digestion, increases urination,blood circulation, protects liver and promotes perspiration.

it can also be used in

Postpartum refers to a period of depression after childbirth. Also known as the 'baby blues' or postnatal

depression. It does not occur in all women and in those that it does, the degree varies. It is caused by hormonal changes within the body and chemical balance. Most women experience a mild form of this.

For the varicose vain , decoction some of smilax root, honeysuckle , paragayo , black berry, noni ,bahay, casuarina equistifolia root, boiled drink 3 times a day.

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