Thursday, September 3, 2009

Irritating Eyes

Bitaog ( calophyllum inophyllum )

Part utilized : leaves, bark, seeds and wood.

One day my friend is going to the bolo maker.He stop and say how to make bolo. Accidentally the shrapnel of iron pointed to the eyed of my friend and he ask for help. His eye was hurt. He run to our house and ask for help. I get the leaves of calophyllum and chop almost 1 kilo of leaves. I put the leaves into the tub with a lot of water and soak it to 4 hours.He blink his eyes into the tub. And after few hours he relieves his feeling of sickness.

If you have problem about eyes don't hesitate to the alternatives and remedies of medicine calophyllum or bitaog. Proving alternative medicine to irritating eyes and sore eyes.

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