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High blood pressure is a serious condition that can take to coronary heart diseases heart, failure, stroke, kidney failure, and other health problems.

Cholesterol is found in every cell in our body. Cholesterol is used by our body to build healthy cells, as well as some vital hormones.

When we have high cholesterol, we may develop fatty deposits in our blood vessels. Eventually, these deposits make it difficult for enough blood to flow through our arteries. Our heart may not get as much oxygen-rich blood as it needs, which increases the risk of a heart attack. Decreased blood flow to our brain can cause a stroke.

High cholesterol is largely preventable and treatable. A healthy diet, regular exercise and sometimes medication can go a long way toward reducing high cholesterol.

This plant can help prevent and treat High blood:

Centella Asiatica: English name: Gotu Kola , Filipino term: yahong-yahong


Rich in Vitamin B, calcium,phosphorus and iron.Good for Anemic and High Blood. it can be eaten as a salad or vegetable dish.

Traditional use:

Infectious hepatitis, measles, respiratory tract infections - colds, tonsillitis, laryngopharyngitis, bronchitis.
· Fresh material: 3 to 10 grasp, dried material: 15grasp:

Boil in 2 glass of water and drink 2 time a day.

1. Counterirritant: Pound fresh leaves, mix with vaseline or oil and apply over affected area as poultice.

2.Wounds and sore: The sap of the leaves is used on wounds and skin sores.

In many folkloric systems, used for tuberculosis, syphilis, dysentery, hypertension, venous extremity problems and common cold.

( ALLIUM SATIVUM ) English name: Onion , Filipino name: AHOS :
Other filipino name: Bawang

Use the fresh garlic so that its antibiotic would be retained.Keep these away from children.

Fresh garlic would be preferable.

For highblood:

Pound 1 piece of garlic.Put in 1 glass of water,mix with 2 tablespoon of sugar.Drink.

Drink this 3-4 times daily.

For urinary infection(women): Boil 5 chopped of garlic in 1 glass of water. Apply on the infected area.

Anti-cancer: Possible anticarcinogenic properties, specifically colon, stomach and prostate cancers. In
stomach cancers, probably through its inhibitory effect on H. pylori. In epidemiologic studies on stomach
and colorectal cancer prevention, the garlic use was 3.5 grams to 30 grams of fresh or cooked garlic per week.

The leaves of garlic is rich in Vitamin A, Calcium and Phosphorus which are very important in our body.

Chatharantus roseus: Periwinkle:
Other filipino name: Tsitsirika,Rosas sa Baybay,.

PREPARATION: whole plant can be use;
wash it and chop,then make it dry

Pink or white Periwinkle:

Use for the Highbloob: 1/2 to 1 grms of dried plants or 1/2 to 1 grms of fresh plant.boiled 2 glass of water drink if it is needed
Decoction: 2 young leaves boiled in 2 cups of water for 3-5 minutes; take 1 cup twice daily for stomach cramps.
Plant decoction used in diabetes.
Root decoction for intestinal parasitism; as emmenagogue; may produce abortion.
Crude leaf extract has anticancer activity.
Recent use of roots for anticancer applications.
Juice of leaves use for wasp stings.
The anti-cancer drugs, vincristine and vinblastine, are derived from the alkaloids of periwinkle.

( Theobromo Cacao ) English name: Cacao, Filipino name: KAKAW

Cholesterol is a fat like substance that circulates in the blood and is produced by the body from dietary cholesterol and saturated fats in food. Cholesterol is not harmful if kept within acceptable limits.

It is used by the body to perform a variety of vital functions, including building and maintaining cell membranes, hormone synthesis, and the manufacture of Vitamin D. It is only when blood cholesterol levels become too high, that too much cholesterol can become a problem. Reduce levels of LDL (the 'bad' form of cholesterol), Maintain healthy levels of HDL (the 'good' form of cholesterol). dangerous plaque build up in the arteries,atherosclerosis.

Parts can be used:

· Seed

Traditional uses:

a.For urine problem,high blood,heart problem:

the 2 spoon of powder seeds of cacao decoction in 3 glass of water and mix sugar
for the good taste and drink three times a day.

b. Eczema, dry skin:

Roast 10-12 seeds and pound ; apply to affected areas as poultice after a warm compress.

· Root decoction used as emmenagogue (promotes or stimulates menstrual flow) and ecbolic (promotes labor by stimulating uterine contractions.
· Cocoa butter (oil of theobroma) is an excellent emollient for use to prevent chapped lips and hands.

c. Food:

Domesticate for use in the manufacture of cacao, chocolate, cacao butter, chocolate food, drink or fruit.

· Cacao butter used in the manufacture of confections toilet articles and cosmetics; in pharmacy, used for pill coating and suppository preparation.

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