Fighting Cancer: Alternative and Natural Remedies

There are many people now-a-days are suffering from cancer and many of them have died already either by the complication brought by cancer or by the side-effects of the therapy against cancer.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease which is characterized of the production of tumor or malignant cells due to the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a body. However, not all diseases called cancer are characterized by malignant tumors. For example the disease in blood called Leukemia is also called cancer but it doesn't have tumors in it.

When talking about malignant cells or tumors, it refers to abnormal cells which often formed tumors that spreadingly fast to the normal tissues.

How Cancer Form?

Cancer is form when something interfere with the normal grown of cells which causes it to divide so fast so that it often forms into tumors.

The division of cells is actually a normal activity in our body. You see, cell is the most basic that forms into tissues, and tissues form into organs. When something has made the division of cells into an abnormal phase, the disease is called cancer.

What Causes Cancer?

Experts points out many causes of cancer. They said that cancer is a kind of gene mutation. It can not be inherited, however, it has the possibility that ones a parent had cancer, his or her offspring might have too in a way that the gene characteristics is being inherited from a parent to the children. But it is not necessarily that the cancer is being inherited, only the gene characteristics. So, if the parent's gene is prone to cancer, then the same is true to the offspring spring.

Cancer start to exist in a person through triggers. Such triggers are smoking, radiation, viruses, carcinogens or those chemicals that can cause cancer, hormonal imbalance, chronic inflammation such as those with Lupus, etc.

Cure of Cancer

There is no actual cure of Cancer, but they can be controlled and put into remission. The most common way of controlling the spread of cancer is by the use of chemo-drugs and the procedure is called chemotherapy. Another way of controlling it by the use of a certain kind of radiation.

Are there any natural or herbal remedies to control if not eliminate cancer?

There are many known herbs, plants and natural remedies to fight and control cancer. But in recent discovery, it was found out that the skin of Guyabano contains a substance that is capable of eliminating cancer cells.

Other remedies, you can find them here in this blog like:

Measles Outbreak 2019

Several parts of the Philippines were declared having a measles outbreak. The outbreak was caused by the fear of the parents to have their children vaccinated by the DOH and this fear was also caused by the anti-dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia, which is said to be the cause of the death of many children in the Philippines.

The government and the Red Cross is now working hand in hand to lessen the gap of the vaccination. Many children has been vaccinated but those who are not are still in danger of having measles. They doubled their time in vaccinating children, but seems the measles doubled its time too in infecting children.

This is actually the result when some of the personnel of the government want to get the attention of the President Duterte without thinking of the worst thing to happen.

I remember that a law was passed into the congress prohibiting us to mention the word BOMB when you are in a public place, especially in Airport and other Transpo Terminals. This is so, in order to avoid the panic of those who will hear when someone mention the word BOMB.

But this PAO chief then is making people panic by its loud investigation pointing out that Dengvaxia is deadly and that those vaccinated by it should be monitor because they are in danger of the death caused by the vaccine.

So now, thanks to her, the parents are afraid now of having their children being vaccinated. And this resulted to the measles outbreak.

Lupus Herbal Remedy

What is Lupus?

Lupus is an abnormal inflammation of organs and tissues caused by its own immune system. According to experts, the cells of the person who has produce certain proteins that mimics the protective covering that of the virus, bacteria or fungi which makes its immune system to consider such cells as invaders. To protect the body from invaders, the immune system produce inflammatory substance in cells that are tagged as invaders without thinking that what it is attacking is its own organs. The inflammatory substance caused the organs to be inflamed.

What is the treatment of Lupus?

The best treatment of Lupus has to steps:
  1. To alter the immune's activity by slowing it. The doctors used the term "suppress". The immune system should be suppressed, lessening its ability to detect invaders like bacteria,virus, fungi and other foreign bodies including transplanted organs. When the immune system is its suppressed state, it will not release inflammatory substance to cells or organs it tagged as invaders, thus saving the organs from its attack.
  2. To counter the inflammatory substance released by the immune system by the use of anti-inflammatory drugs or substances given to Lupus patients.
When these two procedure will be administered to the Lupus patients, the patient can be saved from the attack of its own immune system.

Is there any Herbal Remedy to treat Lupus?

With regards to suppressing the immune system, we still don't know of any herbs that can be used as alternative of the immunosuppressive drugs. It means, we are still depended on the drugs for the purpose of suppressing the immune system.

However, we have many herbs that can be used as alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs, such as:
  1. Ginger. More about Ginger
  2. Turmeric or Duyaw.
  3. Sida-sida. Pansit-pansitan (Peperomia pellucida) which is also called sida-sida, sinaw-sinaw, or bihud-bihud, is a herb that grows well in a slightly shaded and a bit damp areas which can grow to 50 cm and is very well known in the Philippines as effective antibacterial, analgesic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory herb. More info about Sida-Sida Herb.
  4. Sambong. It is an aromatic plant that has medicinal properties being benefited by Filipinos for a long time. This herbal plant is approved by the Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines as an alternative medicine. It is known in the Visayan speaking Filipinos as Gabon, Karamburan, Hanlilib-on, and Bukadkad. In Ilocano people it is known as Subusob, Subsub or Sobsob. More about Sambong.
Considering that you are taking immunosuppressive drugs to control your immune system, so you need to take herbs or any alternative that will counter the side-effect of the immunosuppressive drugs.These herbs and plants are:
  1. Tawa-tawa Herb
  2. Miracle Fruit
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Healing Wonder of Pansit-pansitan Herbal Medicine

Pansit-pansitan (Peperomia pellucida) which is also called sida-sida, sinaw-sinaw, or bihud-bihud, is a herb that grows well in a slightly shaded and a bit damp areas which can grow to 50 cm and is very well known in the Philippines as effective antibacterial, analgesic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory herb.

Pansit-Pansitan as Antibacterial Remedy

Since my childhood years, I was already using it as a remedy for my wounds. Instead of using synthetic medicine like an antibiotic drugs and anti-inflammatory one, I just took several leaves of pansit-pansitan, pressed them a little using my thumbs into any hard materials until the juice of the leaves came out, and then placed them on the affected area. I found it very effective since the treated wound hadn't inflammed and it healed just for few days.

Pansit-Pansitan as Anti-arthritis

My parents are also using pansit-pansitan as an anti-arthritis alternative medicine. Everytime, my father suffer arthritis, my mother would took a grasp of pansit-pansitan plant and place it on a 1 litter boiling water and let it boil for 10 minutes. And the resulting decoction would be given to my father, 1 glass 3 times a day. And it is again effective because the inflammation in the joints and the pain were relieved and not just relieved but I think, it was cured.

Pansit-pansitan as Blood Cleansing Agent

It was just these days, when I realized why pansit-pansitan is effective as anti-arthrities alternative medicine.

The very reason for it is because it helps our body, especially our kidneys in filtering out uric acid from the blood into the urine, thus cleaning up our blood with that substance that caused arthritis.

Pansit-pansitan as an anti-diabetic Alternative Medicine

Besides, Pansit-pansitan is also effective in flashing out excess sugar from out blood. That was my experience when we were trying to give a care of my diabetic uncle.

When my uncle was diagnosed with diabetes, our very problem was his medicines because our family suffered a very tough crisis at that time, wherein we don't have the financial capability to finance the treatment of my uncle.

So, what we did was to perform and experiment using the Pansit-pansitan herb. The idea came out because we thought that it might be effective in cleansing the blood from the excess sugar as it is effective in filtering out uric acid from the blood.

So, what we did is take a grasp of Pansit-pansitan or sida-sida herb and boil it with 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. The resulting decoction was given to my uncle 1 glass at unlimited times. After 24 hours, we found out that my uncle couldn't move his body, so we panicked and brought my uncle to the hospital only to find out that his blood sugar level fell below the limit. The doctor explained to us that if the sugar level in the blood fell too much, the patient would have no energy to move his body. And that was what happened to my uncle. As a remedy to what happened to my uncle, the doctor told us to give my uncle a chocolate bar.

So, when we went home, we changed the dosage of the Pansit-pansitan tea or decoction. Instead of letting my uncle drink an unlimited number of glasses of this decoction, we strictly gave him 1 glass of pansit-pansitan decoction for 3 times a day.

The result of this is very much good because the sugar level of my uncle's blood became normal.

Pansit-pansitan or Sida-sida as Anti-inflammatory Alternative Medicine

Another useful characteristic of the pansit-pansitan herb is that it contains substance that is anti-inflammatory.

One time, an aunt of mine was diagnosed of having inflamed kidneys. So she was given by the doctor several medicines to take to normalize the state of her kidneys. But because our family really was on crisis that we couldn't afford to buy those medicines recommended by the doctor, so we just tried the alternative medicines.

We started to use the pansit-pansitan herb. It was because of a thought that pansit-pansitan is effective in the treatment of wounds. Wounds usually became inflamed before becomming healed. With that idea, we thought that pansit-pansitan herb might have an anti-inflammatory substance.

So, out of a grasp of this herb and a litter of water, we made a pansit-pansitan decoction and gave 1 glass of it to my aunt for 3 times a day.

We really observed my aunt. Until at the 5th day of drinking of the said decoction, my aunt told us that she was no longer hurt and her urine was not bubbly anymore. So, to verify what happened to my aunt, we brought her to the doctor. After the doctor read the laboratory results, she told us that my aunt is already well.

With that, we again found another healing wonder of pansit-pansitan herb which I think makes this herb best to treat Lupus patients.

Pansit-pansitan as Anti-hypertension Alternative Medicine

Just last year, I sacrificed my self by giving my budget for my antihyertension medicine to my wife's anti-lupus medicines.

But one time, I feel ill because of the intense headache. So, I went to our Barangay Health Center for a check-up. The medical personnel found out that I was hypertensive with my Blood Pressure meased at 180/120. They gave me medicine for it, but I refused, and I told them to that I would try pansit-pansitan decoction whether it would be effective against hypertension.

So, by considering the BP measurement, I drink 2 glasses of pansit-pansitan decoction. After 15 minutes, they checked my BP and they were amazed because it dropped from 180/120 to 130/70.

From that time on, I drink pansit-pansitan decoction everyday and doubled the dosage when it became too high from normal.

Caution in Using Pansit-pansitan Herb

Based on my experience, a herbal just like the synthetic medicines should be taken when caution. The thoughts of others that herbal has no side-effect is false because taking too much of pansit-pansitan will harm us. So, taking 1 glass of it for 3 times a day is good and should not be abused.

Where to Find Pansit-Pansitan Herb

Pansit-pansitan herb, being one of the herb made by God for us, grows well on a slightly shaded areas. It is indigenous to the Philippines.

If you found few plants, just take the seeds on its pointed stem and scatter them into your backyard, especially near walls. After a week, those seeds will sprout and then you can consumed them after a month when they were grown up already.

Sambong Herb

Sambong Herb is an aromatic plant that has medicinal properties being benefited by Filipinos for a long time. This herbal plant is approved by the Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines as an alternative medicine. It is known in the Visayan speaking Filipinos as Gabon, Karamburan, Hanlilib-on, and Bukadkad. In Ilocano people it is known as Subusob, Subsub or Sobsob.
Its scientific name is Blumea Balsamifera and is part of the Blumea Genus Asteraceae family. It is also called as Ngai Camphor and Sembung.

Sambong Herb Physical Discription

Sambong plant grows from medium to tall or from 1 foot to 5 meters or more. It is considered shrub with green and hairy leaves. Its yellow flowers are cluttered in every branch.

Sambong Herb Flavors

Sambong Herb has an aroma of fresh menthol and camphoric fragrance. By simply smelling the untouched plant, you can immediately tell it’s Sambong. The leaves, when crushed, it will produce green and aromatic but staining juice. It tastes like woody, bitter and menthol.

Sambong Herb Benefits

Sambong Herb as an alternative medicine can be used as follows:

  1. Diuretic. Sambong Herb when taken as tea or capsule, it can help the patient remove water from the body. Sambong is well-known being effective as blood cleanser by helping the kidney in removing from the blood the substances that are harmful to our body if they remain in the blood, like Uric Acid, Creatinine, and excess Sugar. However, it also leads to the removal of substances beneficial to our body like, the Potassium, and Sodium. It is also effective in the removal or dissolving of Kidney stone. Therefore, Sambong herb is beneficial to patients with hypertension, kidney stone, arthritis and diabetes. This can be good too to those patients with Lupus-Nephritis. (Trivia: Did you that Sida-sida Herb is also an effective diuretic herbal like Sambong.)
  2. Expectorant. Sambong Herb is also effective in treating common cold’s symptoms such as fever, sneezing, and nasal watery discharge. It can be taken as tea or capsule. But it is also effective if it is used as paste that will be placed on the forehead and facial sinuses areas. 
  3. Astringent. Sambong Herb, can be used a cleaning agent that contains anti-bacterial properties effective in cleaning wounds and cuts. To prepare, you need to collect Sambong leaves, wash them in running water and throw them in a litter of boiling water. Let the water to cool down to a warm temperature before using it to the affected areas. 
  4. Pain Reliever. Sambong Plant contains pain reliever properties. Taking the herb as tea or as capsule is effective. It can also be used a paste that will be placed on the affected areas. The Sambong Paste, can also be placed at baths where you can submerge your whole body or just the affected parts.

Growing Sambong Herb Tips

Sambong Herb can be found anywhere in the Philippines. And even if in the Philippines the medicinal benefits of Sambong plant is recognized, but in most part of the country it is considered weed, that people often cut it down for good. You can plant it by seed or by sprout and in indoor or outdoor garden. We can’t find seeds yet in the stores, but you can gather them if you happen to pass by areas where Sambong grows. Seeds are found on the adult flowers. If you will find a flowering Sambong plant, most assuredly it has sprouts on its base. Just take a sprout of the ground and plant it in your garden. The most preferred time to plant Sambong sprouts is during afternoon, when heat from the sun is fading off.

Sambong Decoction Preparation

Here how to make a Sambong Decoction:
  1. Collect 10 adult leaves of Sambong.
  2. Clean the leaves from dusts and dirt.
  3. Prepare to boil 1 liter of potable water along with the Sambong leaves.
  4. Let it boil atleast 5 minutes.
And after that, you have now your Sambong Decoction.

Batuan Fruit's Healing Wonder

Batuan or Garcinia Morella plat is a tree that grows indigenous in the Philippines. It's fruit which is actually part of the family of Mangosteen is used by many Filipinos as vegetable especially when they not yet ripe or still green in color and has a very strong sour tastes, as a flavoring ingredient for the well-known Filipino dish called Sinigang. It is noted that when the fruit goes ripe its color changes to somewhat yellow.

Medicinal Value of Batuan

  1. Good Anti-inflammatory. It is believed that Batuan contains anti-inflammatory substance besides having a high level of Vitamin C which is also a natural anti-inflammatory substance. By simply eating the fruit raw or by boiling it, it is an effective treatment for body inflammation. So, those suffering from arthritis, sprain, and even with Lupus can benefit from it.
  2. Cholesterol Reducer. If you have hypertension due to high cholesterol level, then eating batuan regularly can help you ease your burden. But making a tea out of it is the best way of cleansing your blood from cholesterol.
  3. High Antioxidant. Just like with the other member of its family, the Mangosteen, Batuan contains high antioxidant substance that would help you get rid of the cancer in your body or help you avoid growing cancer cells.

Batuan Picture

Kidney Stone Treatment and Solution

Lately, I meet my doctor to consult my problem like: I felt the pain in the my back which sometimes being felt in  my belly or my right side. And when I am urinating, I felt the burning like pain and I am always in the run to the CR to urinate but then only drops of urine came out of me of which its color resemble that of a mixture of water and blood with a little of mucus and it smells bad. I ignore these observations hoping that by simply drinking a lot of water, everything will fine again. But after a week of my suffering, I started to chill and my fever shoot high. By this time, I told my self that only the doctor could help me resolve my health problem.

My doctor, had recommended to undergo Ultrasound test of my kidneys. And he's right of what he has suspected. The ultrasound test result showed stones in my Kidney.

My doctor, advised me to take antibiotics and other medicine for my kidney's health and stones. But I just couldn't afford them all because my budget is limited. So, only took the antibiotics and the rest is best on the Eastern medicine using herbs for natural healing solution.

I do a little research in my grandfather's booklet of herbal solutions, and I found two plants listed as effective solution to my kidney stone problem. These plants are all Philippine indigenous plants and are well known to the Filipino as natural remedy for kidney problems. These plants are: Blumea Balsamifera, and the Imerata Cylindrica.

Blumea Balsamifera is known here in the Philippines as Sambong. You can visit my blogpost about Sambong here for more information about this plant. What I did is make a decoction by boiling 15 adult leaves of Sambong and 1 liter of water for about 5 minutes. Then I took a glass of decoction 3 times a day for 1 week.

Blumea Balsamifera or Sambong
Blumea Balsamifera or Sambong

The Imperata Cylindrica is considered here in the Philippines as grass that should be cut-off and burned for this grass spread fast that caused damage to other crops. Here in the Philippines, this grass is called Cogon Grass. This the grass mentioned in a very well-known saying, "ningas cogon." What I used in making a decoction of Imperata Cylindrica is its root. I took a grasp of it, maybe it is about 1/4 kilo of dried cogon roots, and boiled it with 1 liter of water for about 5 minutes. The resulting 1 liter decoction should be taken 24 hours.

Imperata Cylindrica or Cogon Grass

After seven days of drinking decoction made out of these two plants, those mentioned symptoms were gone and I felt better now. And the most exciting event that happened after the seven days of drinking decoction is the flashing out of the Kidney stones. For the record, I took a photo of them as shown below.

Flashed Out Kidney Stones

Actually, in the ultrasound result, there was only one Kidney stone found. But I found 7 Kidney stones flash out of my body into my urinal pot (arinola in Tagalog). So, I guess, the one big Kidney stone were broken down into 7 tiny ones. That was when they were being flashed out along with the urine.

So, if you too are suffering from Kidney stones or any urinary problem like UTI, maybe the decoction made from Sambong and Cogon Grass Root can help you too.

After that, I went immediately to my doctor and showed him the Kidney stones that were flashed out into the urinal pot. He told me to have the second ultrasound test just to see if the stone in my kidney was gone but I refused because the money that I had at that time was enough to pay for the doctor's services.

The doctor understood what I was trying to tell him, and he just advised me to drink a lot of water, to avoid excess salt and to urinate as needed.

Anyway, thank you very much for reading this post. I hope that I shared on this post can help you too with your kidney problem. You can share to us here your experience if you have regarding the use of Sambong and Cogon Grass Root decoction by dropping your comments at the comment section.