Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heart Attack

King of Bitters (Andrographis paniculata)
Other name: Sinta, Mirabilos, chuan xin lian.

The odd power of Andrographis paniculata,Not now using these alternative medicine,
Even in 1919 will confirm that this drug is unique and strange for his power to cure various
diseases. The largest contributions of Andrographis paniculata known in india and sri lanka
and the power of this herbs has proven to whole world.
The largest positive cure results can be seen in relation to stomach, skin diseases,
diarrhea, prostate and breast cancer cells,fever,atherosclerosis,bacterial.They say, you
know the type of disease before the remedies given of Andrographis paniculata.Like heart
attack,viral diseases. The amazing power of herbs is the biggest potential cure of any kind
of illness etc.

The province of leyte Andrographis paniculata has known very effective alternative medicine
and very simple how to used this herbs.
The three leaves of Andrographis paniculata put in a glass with hot water after one minute
cool and drink.

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