Monday, June 22, 2009


Filipino Term: Pili

Scientific name:( canarium lozunicum )
Other name: Salumayag

Preparation:Part Utilize fresh pili nuts, the fresh nuts of canarium or rhizomes are use it.
The resin of canarium, dry or liquid are use also.

Part Uses: pili nuts, resin and root.
For: rheumatism, muscle pain, the one glass resin of canarium mix onehalf glass of oil and put into the battle and use it, apply liniment into the areas pain.

For: backpain, breastpain, take 2 leaves of awom and rub the oil of leaves and put when the areas has pain.

For: cold perspiration,stomach pain, Diarrhea,vomiting,backpain breastpain because of cough,
the dry resin of canarium put into the fire charcoal and the smoke of resin with patient cover the blanket for the smoke connot out.
The root of canarium decoction three glass of water with in ten minutes divide three and drink three times a day until the cure of illness.

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