Thursday, February 16, 2012

Smilax rhizome benefits

Philippine herbal medicine, The month of Febuary is leprosy awareness.
Philippine natural and mountain herbs as an alternative medicine.
Introduce Smilax bractita Rhizome of smilax bacteata use for leprosy,
uric acid,cough problem,fever,blood condition,urine problem,
syphillis and skin problem. Phenolic Compounds: Study of methanol extract of Smilax bracteana rhizomes yielded six new phenolic compounds with five other known compounds.
Antioxidant / Radical Scavenging Activity: Ethanolic extract yielded six phenylpropanoid glycosides - smilasides G-L along with four known phenylpropanoid compounds and 14 known phenolic compounds. Compounds 1-6 exhibited moderate scavenging activities against DPPH radicals.

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