Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amaranthus Spinosus benefits

Amaranthus Spinosus benefits is better in a good herbal plant , The studies of Amaranthus
It is many minerals and vitamins properties  shared of this plant, The  plant contribute
Of vitamin A,B6 and C and rich of Calcium,Riboflavin,Folate.Amaranthus is high-quality
of dietary fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and copperAmaranthus  plant  be a  good wild
vegetable everyday eating of the mountain people for the long life. Amaranthus spinosus  it
is fine Expectorant and effective astringent.

1.Diuretic- pampa-ihi
2.Lazative- nakakatulong sa pampadumi
3.Hemostatic-pumipigil sa padurugo
4.The information about the root of this plant, Decoction of the root relieve  acute bronchitis.

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